For better or worse, Chicago pop four-piece THE AUDITION are not Akon. The band recently spent a couple days working on the video for "My Temperature’s Rising" from theAudition’s upcoming self-titled full-length. Shot at bassist Tim Klepek’s parents’ house, the clip will definitely not feature any speed boats, helicopters or Young Jeezy. It will, however, feature clowns, some neighborhood kids and at least one bag of flaming poop.

Here’s what drummer Ryan O’Connor had to say about it:

"We shot the video with Andrew Bowser at
home in Chicago. This being our first video from our new record, we
wanted to do something we wouldn’t normally do. Most of our videos are
performance based, so we approached this video more like a movie. This
is definitely my favorite video of ours that we shot and i hope you
like it."

Check out these exclusive pics from the shoot!


The rest will write itself.">