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Here are the 10 scene songs your mom would secretly love

May 10, 2020
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It’s not uncommon for our music tastes to differ from those of our parents. While your mom isn’t likely to be right by your side while you attend a Slipknot concert or spend 10 hours at your favorite music festival, it’s safe to say there are a few tracks out there that she’s secretly rocking out to after you hop out of the car. 

Whether they choose to admit that they might actually enjoy some of our scene favorites or not, we’ve rounded up 10 tracks that moms are sure to love. From Set It Off to Andy Black, give these songs a spin for all those music-loving mommas out there.

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1. Panic! At The Disco – “High Hopes”

While some moms may be baffled by a few of P!ATD’s lyrics, it’s hard to deny the intoxicating sound of Brendon Urie’s sultry, Frank Sinatra-esque voice. The motivational lyrics behind “High Hopes” are emphasized with the line “Mama said.” All this combined will send this track to the top of your mom’s secret playlist.

2. Hayley Williams – “Simmer”

Expanding her musical horizons with her own solo project, Paramore’s Hayley Williams has created a collection of alternative, dark-pop masterpieces that will have moms everywhere hitting that repeat button. Have her check out Williams’ first single from Petals For Armor. Then, have fun explaining that she’s the same person as “that orange-haired girl” from that music video you used to watch over and over again instead of doing your homework. 

3. YUNGBLUD – “Weird!”

Eccentric and lovable, YUNGBLUD comes off as the crazy best friend type that your mother secretly loves and adores. Moms are always hoping that their kids are hanging out with good, positive influences. With YUNGBLUD’s hope-filled, inspiring messages in tracks such as latest “Weird!,” he can easily be considered a great one. 

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4. The Maine – “Heaven, We’re Already Here”

Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, your next-door neighbor—everyone loves the Maine. They not only create relatable, positive and comforting tracks but build a community for fans that feels like a family. “Heaven, We’re Already Here” is sure to get your mom on the Maine train. Considering she’s probably told you “don’t forget the seatbelt” a few dozen times, we bet she’ll have a whole new level of appreciation for this one.

5. Angels & Airwaves – “Rebel Girl”

If your mom leans more toward the likes of Radiohead, U2 and Pink Floyd, chances are she’s a strong contender for being an AVA fan. What former blink-182 member and AVA frontman Tom DeLonge considers to be more of a multimedia project, Angels & Airwaves create hit after hit of what one can only refer to as art rock. Once your mom gives “Rebel Girl” a spin, we’re sure you’ll find AVA on her list of most-listened-to artists. 

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6. blink-182 – “Happy Days”

While it may seem like moms are indestructible superheroes, even they’re not excluded from the negative effect of having to shelter in place due to coronavirus. blink-182 recently took advantage of this quarantine by creating a “Happy Days” music video featuring their fans and how they’re doing during this crazy time. If that’s not something that will tug on your mom’s heartstrings, we’re not sure what will. Be sure to turn this one up loud as you and your mom rock out to this track at home. 

7. Andy Black – “The Promise”

If your mom is more of the ’80s synth type, she’s probably secretly in love with the solo project from Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack. With a dash of goth rock and Biersack’s sultry-smooth voice, how could she not be? Let “The Promise” reach out to that little emo spot in your mom’s heart that we all have because it’s definitely not a phase.

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8. Sleep On It – “Lost & Found”

The closing track from Sleep On It’s most recent album, Pride & Disaster, contains a beautiful piano fade-out that will put any kid to sleep 100% of the time, which all moms will love. “Lost & Found” shines a beacon of light on a dark topic with gang vocals and gritty honesty that moms everywhere can appreciate. 

9. Set It Off – “Unopened Windows”

Moms secretly love a track that can give them a good cry. What better song to do that than Set It Off’s emotional “Unopened Windows”? While Cody Carson wrote the song for his father who passed away from cancer in 2008, it speaks volumes to anyone who’s ever felt the heart-wrenching loss of a loved one. Be sure to have the tissues in hand when you show this one to your mom. 

10. Emarosa – “Ready To Love”

Emarosa’s ’80s-inspired, synth-pop anthem “Ready To Love” is sure to hit your mom with a wave of nostalgia. It’s an emotional, vulnerable track that explains how it feels to teeter on the edge of a new romance. While your mom may not be willing to admit it, she definitely sings this one when you’re not around.

Written by Whitney Shoemaker

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