HEY AMBER (Italy) 

This handsome trio of dudes are from Brescia, Italy. They have a really unique sound to them and are currently working on a full-length album. Their singer, Lory Tinti, also posts really cool covers on his YouTube channel. These guys have a great image and a ton of talent, and we’re pumped to see more from them in the future. 


All These Years describe themselves as a fun-loving four-piece pop-punk band from Hertfordshire, England. They’ve been working hard playing weekenders and selling merch in the U.K. scene, and are currently working on their next release. 


This five-piece is from Dessau, Germany, and are on Let It Burn Records. They toured with As It Is and ROAM last summer and recently finished off a tour of Germany with WSTR and Weatherstate. They have a fast and gritty sound, and have quickly built a name for themselves as one of Deutschland’s finest pop-punk acts. 


Treehouse Kids hail from Barcelona, Spain, and are one of the few shining diamonds of the Mediterranean pop-punk scene. Last February, they were lucky enough to tour Spain opening for State Champs and As It Is. They’re going in to start recording a new album in early 2018. 


These energetic dudes are from Ulm, Germany, and their songs are sure to be stuck in your head for days. Their catchy tunes have a way of invading your mind and making you feel like dancing. They also have a pretty cool acoustic cover of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World up on their Facebook page. They are currently preparing to hit the road again in Germany in February.