[Photo by: PRAYERS SD/YouTube]

Electronic cholo-goth duo PRAYERS are debuting their new video for “One 9 One 3,” taking on the topic of identity and acceptance—and embracing what you see in the mirror.

“I wanted to explore identity in this new music video. The image in the mirror. The reflection in the water. Do I see myself as a strong, confident warrior of a woman or does Charlie Qu see herself as Leafar Seyer? Who’s inside the mirror—is it me or is it Charlie?” Seyer says.

“Identity is a key element in knowing thyself, and through it we discover what we like or dislike about ourselves. I literally fought to be who I am and to look the way I do. I still get shit for it, too. People are appalled by my long painted nails. They act as if I’m encroaching on their freedom to be closed minded with my nail polish.

“There are people who like to fit in because it’s safe and others, like me, who stand out. But those who walk to the beat of their own drum, just like the nail that sticks out, will get hammered down—and I did! Adversity was my rite of passage and because of it we have chologoth. Thanks to their lack of acceptance, I turned into my inner mirror and embraced what I saw.”

Seyer also will be hosting his own solo art exhibit, titled “The Pain Isn’t Over,” Feb. 24 through April 8 in Los Angeles. Find more info about the exhibit here.

PRAYERS released their latest  studio album Baptism Of Thieves via BMG on Nov. 24. You can purchase a copy here.

Check out the video for “One 9 One 3” below.

Baptism Of Thieves track list:
01. 528HZ
02. Death Is In Bloom
03. Tears In The Rain
04. Edge Of The Blade
05. Beauty And Bedlam
06. Trust Issues Feat. Pictureplane
07. One 9 One 3
08. Wild Roses
09. Lucifer Rising
10. Black Leather Feat. Kat Von D
11. Baptism Of Thieves
12. 432HZ