Premiere: Burning Love, “Hateful Comforts”

April 27, 2012
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Check out this premiere of Burning Love's “Hateful Comforts.”

It's from the band's upcoming full-length Rotten Thing To Say, out June 19 via Southern Lord. The lyrics can be found below.

CNN amnesiac waiting for the earth to crack.
Memorize the planted phrase, burn the books, retract the praise.
let the people sink or swim, these polls won't save their skin.
Strength in numbers. Hateful comforts.
We back the winners and bury the others.
51%. Your opinion for rent.
I watched horrified as the good things came to light,
because it was everything we ever wanted, but something still just wasn't right.
Sigh of false relief. Nothing up my sleeve.
Have I helped your disbelief? Well, no.
Only ever have to blind half the people half the time,
All the patriotic minds will follow.
Duty-bound amnesiac, world war three strapped to his back,
Don't ask him who he's for tomorrow.
It's forever a new day. Stand tall, look down and say
What spineless bastards all when backed against the wall.
But you were never one of that fearful chorus at the tail end of alarmists' strings
Who let the breaking news pick our enemies for us, but if not us then who were they?
And where were these fearless freedom fighters
when a wrong word could land you on a no fly list?
Or are we at the part where that was Them and never Us?
Oh surely you exaggerate. I don't remember it that way.
All but our proudest moments swept under the rug.
A proud history, you pick and choose
What to Never Forgive and Never Forget
And he says I'd never sink to that.
No, I wouldn't sink to that.
I'm more rational, less gullible – a better man than that.
But I could swear the mob was here,
Still smell the smoke of mosques on fire.
Still see the words washed off the walls,
So who were the brave ones that disappeared into the crowd?
The collapsible mob along for the ride that turns into smoke at the turn of the tide?
Two sides to every fence, and the optimist he says:
Why split hairs in peacetime? Let's celebrate with a new line,
Disown it all when the pendulum swings back
And it's back to the pitchfork, back to the high horse
Back to trauma politics for all.
Will you remember this when it matters, or do you thank your gods for a free world
Where nothing goes unscripted anymore?
Buying time / Tricks of the light.
Are we moving forward or just side to side?
Yesterday's hero – tomorrow's strung up witch.
And there's two sides to every fence for the 51%.

Written by AltPress