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Multi-instrumentalist producer Prince Fox and Christopher Whitehall of Australian indie trio the Griswolds teamed up in a duet for “Time Alone,” taken from Prince Fox’s debut mixtape, ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1.

Originally an upbeat, electro-tinged banger, the studio performance has the duo stripped it back. The video shows the Griswolds’ frontman providing guitar and vocals alongside Prince Fox for this mellow, sentimental track.

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Fox and Whitehall originally met when the Griswolds played Fox’s dorm at New York University.

“Years later we reconnected and wrote this song about realizing when you’re not mature enough for a relationship and that the other person deserves a better version of you than you’re capable of giving. It’s about needing some time alone to grow and ultimately become the best version of you for that person or someone new. I have always been a fan of Chris [and] the Griswolds, and I had a blast doing this live performance video of our song.”

Delving deep into his life, Prince Fox covers all the bases in this 11-track mixtape for an introspective journey. The mixtape touches on a myriad of his experiences such as the isolation of touring, confronting personal issues, dealing with complex emotions and fighting through anxiety—all wrapped up in lush, silky production.

Along with the Griswolds, Prince Fox’s dreamy arrangements will feature collaborations from Bella Thorne and Quinn XCII, melding a redefined, electro-pop sound.

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Prince Fox says he’s thrilled to share his mixtape with the world.

“It is with this ethos of the eclectic that I am excited to announce the first mixtape of my

mixtape series, ALL THIS MUSIC,” he elaborates. “Unlike my album and EPs, this mixtape and the series of mixtapes that are on queue to follow are not bound to genre or type of

collaborator or feature—it is simply all this music that I have made that I love and that I want to share with you.”

ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1 is available now on all streaming services via Steve Aoki’s record label, DIM MAK.

Check out the video for “Time Alone” below.

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