Psychic Graveyard

“Patently obnoxious,” “willfully obtuse” and “pleasantly on point” are all appropriately worded amounts of verbiage to get you to click on the new video from seething weirdos Psychic Graveyard.

Taken from their impending EP of the same name, “The Next World” is completely out of its mind with its cut ’n’ paste aesthetics and squeamish collages. Hear that noise? It’s the sound of all the shelves of cleaning products in your poorly ventilated comfort zone falling down into one small pond of lung soup around your ankles.

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“After pairing most of the Psychic Graveyard songs with highly personal lyrical content, I wanted to take a more lighthearted approach to The Next World,” vocalist Eric Paul reveals. “The night Nathan [Joyner, synthesizers] and Paul [Vieira, guitars] sent me their ideas for the song, I had just finished listening to a podcast about Heaven’s Gate, which in turn inspired me to rewatch old clips of Marshall Applewhite on YouTube. I started imagining myself as one of Applewhite’s followers and began tracking the lines for the song. This was a fun one to make.” 

There are lab rats playing with light bulbs and human brains stuffed in meat grinders. Plus assorted images of blasphemy, cranial X-rays and eyeballs attached to dumb stuff via a single optic nerve and skeletons. Seriously, what more do you people want? Aren’t you weary of dudes with bad haircuts and sleeves rendered by tremens-laden tat artists whose best years were up during the first Monsters Of Rock tour? “The Next World” is weird enough to corrupt all the songs in your phone and slinky enough to watch your honey dance to it as the cough syrup they slipped you starts to take effect.

The Next World EP drop Aug. 16 via Skin Graft, and you can order it right here and get your weird science on below.

Psychic Graveyard hit the road later this month with Plack Blague. Tickets are available here with dates below.


07/23 – Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
07/25 – Seattle, WA @ Funhouse
07/26 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
07/27 – Portland, OR @ Twilight
07/29 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
07/30 – Los Angeles, CA @ Resident
07/31 – San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
08/01 – Tijuana, CA  @ Lycanthro Pub
10/18 – Providence, RI @ AS220*
10/19 – Brooklyn NY @ Warsaw (with Oh Sees)
* just Psychic Graveyard