stranger things coloring
[Photo via Netflix]

Even punks like to color with a crayon. Thankfully, if you look closely at all of the Crayola crayon colors both past and present, there are many colors that definitely fit our picky, punk-rock taste.

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If you have no idea what we mean, let us show you. We’ve basically created the dream punk crayon box, so take a look below. And don’t forget to color outside of the lines.

Radical red

crayon radical red
[Photo via Ebay]

This red rebels against regular reds and is even classified as a “neon” color, which we are totally into.


crayon shadow
[Photo via]

What could be spookier? We goth punks lurk in the shadows anyway. Not to mention we wouldn’t mind this color as an eyeshadow to smear all over our faces.

Unmellow yellow

crayon unmellow yellow
[Photo via]

A yellow for when you are done taking shit from everyone and need to rage.

Screaming green

crayon screamin green
[Photo via]

Kind of the same concept as the last one. This was discontinued, probably for being too loud for the mainstream.


crayon dirt
[Photo via Pinterest]

For us grimy punks who have better things to do than look prim and proper.

Shocking pink

crayon shocking pink
[Photo via]

We would definitely dye our hair this color, and it would definitely shock any normies who were afraid of a little punk rock.


crayon blacsk
[Photo via Pinterest]

This is pretty self-explanatory, and there would be complete outrage if we forgot to include it.

Outer space

crayon outer space
[Photo via eBay]

Because goths, punks and emos alike are all into what’s going on out of this world. Plus, our world can kind of suck anyway, so we all spend our days dreaming about a new one.

Leather jacket

crayon leather jacket
[Photo via Pinterest]

The punk uniform has its own crayon, and that makes us happy.

All of the gem tones

crayon gem
[Photo via Pinterest]

Because we all love birthstones and zodiac signs to help us weave out who is cool and who is not.

New sneakers

crayon new sneakers
[Photo via]

There’s nothing we love better than opening a pair of new Converse or Vans, and this scented crayon gets that.

Black with glitzy gold glitter

crayon glitzy glitter
[Photo via]

Even punks can’t resist a little glitter. It reminds us of Myspace.

Alien armpit

crayon alien
[Photo via]

This is both otherworldly and offensive, therefore it’s perfect. It also apparently is scented, so that’s even better.

Atomic tangerine

crayon atomic tangerine
[Photo via eBay]

This one is for all the atomic punks who aren’t afraid to rock a neon orange. Even though this color was discontinued, it lives on forever.

Eerie black/black shadows

crayon eerie shadows
[Photo via]

Because even black can get MORE BLACK.