punk pet accessories
[Photos via flannel/Petco, mohawk/Fur-Ever Loved Pet Salon, snap back/Etsy]

Pets are our fur babies. We love, cherish and spoil them to our heart’s content because they’re important parts of our families and lives. Spoiling them is part of our job as their caretakers, and that includes buying them cute outfits. Every four-legged friend deserves some style, so here’s 10 pet accessories to keep your pet pup punk. 

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1. Skull nylon collar – $9.95

ounk pet accessories

Though it’s the most basic dog accessory, the collar is what tells the rest of the world what personality your pup has. Give everyone the right impression of your pupper with a nylon collar decorated with skulls. 

2. Denim jacket – $10.99

Whether they have full sleeves or cutoffs, denim jackets are a staple clothing piece in the punk scene. Plus, you and your companion can now rock the same band patches.

3. Studded leather cat collar – $19.95

ounk pet accessories

Cats are the epitome of punk because they do what they want when they want. They deserve accessories that reflect that, and just because you have a cat doesn’t mean it can’t be pup punk (purr punk?)

4. Seat belt buckle dog collar – $25

We’ve all seen the seat belt-styled belts at Hot Topic, and they’re a fun, simple addition to your look. The buckle also makes it easy to take off when your pet is ready for a bath. 

5. Flannel dog shirt – $17.99

ounk pet accessories

Nothing says punk like a good old-fashioned flannel. Even better, they’re comfortable and provide some warmth on cold winter nights. 

6. Mohawk – local groomer

Humans aren’t the only ones who can have a punk hairstyle. With a good pair of scissors, your canine will be festival ready. We recommend taking your dog to the local groomer for this look. The last thing you want is to mess up their new hairdo. 

7. Reflective skull dog leash – $12

Your pet deserves to look fly on a walk, and the skulls provide a punk flair. As an added bonus, its reflective properties make it easier to see if you go for a run with your dog at night.

8. Studded harness – $14.99

ounk pet accessories

It’s always the smallest dog that has the biggest bark. A studded harness is the perfect thing to make your pooch the toughest floof on the block, no matter their size.

9. Snapback – $25.99 to $33.99

Skateboarding dogs are a thing, and what better way to complete their look than with a snapback? It’s a nice touch to any outfit at the dog park.

10. Skull-and-crossbones hoodie – $15.95

ounk pet accessories

A hoodie is comfortable and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The classic skull-and-crossbones design adds a nice kick to an already stylish piece. 

Which is your favorite accessory for your pet? Let us know in the comments below!