Alternative Press' French Correspondent Romain Jeanticou was 10 minutes outside the city center when attacks began. 

Romain Jeanticou

How did you first realize that something had happened?

I am in a tiny bar named Le Gambetta Club where I was seeing the Australian band Closure In Moscow and some friends' band opening. One of my friends texted me on my way to the show to check where I was because a friend told her there were gunshots in the city center. I looked it up on Twitter, it was 9:50 PM here. There were only a few tweets from people near the venue Le Bataclan.

I knew my gf was in a bar near Le Bataclan with some friends. She texted me before I had finished my text to her, saying they were locked up in the bar and had heard a very large number of gunshots from Le Bataclan.

My girlfriend and her friends were locked in the bar for almost 4 hours. [Around , the police came in to tell them to go to the back of the bar because they were going to raid Le Bataclan and shots were gonna be fired. I know a few people from the Paris scene – acquaintances, not friends – who were at the EODM show. Apparently one of them was covered in blood. I have a screenshot of a Facebook post from someone who was inside, it was frightening.

Are they reporting that there are still more attacks ongoing at this moment?

No, but they recommend not to come out. Seven different locations were attacked.

What are people around you saying now? Are people scared? Angry?

Almost everyone left. There are only a few weirdos left, they're dancing which is absolutely surrealistic. Taxis are taking people home for free. Facebook is asking us if we're safe so we can tell our friends. I see a lot of ambulances going by the bar. 

One of my journalist friands was at the Stade de France for the soccer game but I didn't have time to ask any questions, I just know she's safe but very shocked.