Are the new Blink-182 songs you’re working just general song ideas, or did you think of them specifically for Blink?
The songs that I’m bringing to the table are song ideas that I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. I think that it’s the same with Tom and Travis as well. And that’s kind of how we’ve always worked-everyone brings their initial ideas to the table, but the magic happens when the other two people get their hands on an idea and change it into something better than it was. That’s something I’ve always loved about Blink: I can have an idea and the final result is so different from where I thought the song was going. The way that Travis deals with arrangements and rhythms and different ideas that he brings to the table is something that I would never think of. It takes all of our ideas to a higher level. Same with Tom. He’ll come up with an idea for a song and for me, personally, if I write something, I love handing it to Tom and Travis and seeing what they do with it. That’s the strength. There’s this battle within Blink-182 with these ideas and what everyone brings to the table, and there’s this tension–not in a negative way–but this pulling of ideas between the three of us that’s exciting to me.

Is there a previous Blink-182 album that you’re guiding this album toward?
I think we’re all in the mind space of anything is possible with this record. It’s just like we felt with the last Blink record. If we want to write a song that’s inspired by electronic stuff, we’ll go that way. We still love playing straightforward rock songs on drums, bass and guitar, so there’ll always be a lot of that. We’re not really feeling really restricted in any way, and that’s what felt really great about the last Blink record. I think this will be a continuation of that.

When do you think the first performance will be?
I don’t know yet. We’re talking about touring this summer. We’re still working on that. I don’t know when the exact first date will be. We’re actually just this week starting to get into the phone calls and conversations about where our first show will be and how that’s all gonna come together. It’s really exciting for the three of us to be back in this world and doing what we love and doing what we’ve been doing for so long.

Back in December, Forever The Sickest Kids announced at one of their shows that they’ll be back next year with Blink-182. FTSK singer Jonathan Cook later announced that it was just a joke. Was he in the know, or was that just a complete coincidence?
That was just a complete coincidence.

Have you heard that band?
I have not. I’ve heard a lot about that comment and whether we were going to be touring with them, but I have not been able to listen to the band yet. It seems like I don’t listen to a lot of new music lately, and I’m kind of ashamed of that. I kind of stick with a few CDs that I love and I end up listening to those over and over again.

Are you still a CD man or have you gone over to digital?
I’m totally digital. I haven’t bought an actual, hard CD in a couple of years. I buy everything through iTunes pretty much.

Have you made an official decision on what the future of (+44) will be?
I don’t consider it done. We’ll never say never with anything. As soon as you say, “I’m not gonna do that anymore,” you find yourself in a situation where you wanna do that. Shane [Gallagher] and Craig [Fairbaugh] are awesome guitarists and great fun to play in a band with, so we definitely won’t say that the band is done. But obviously, for the foreseeable future, all of our energy is going into Blink-182. This isn’t a temporary thing. We aren’t even calling it a reunion. It’s more of a continuation. When I hear a band are doing a reunion, it just sounds fake to me, and that’s not how we are with this. Everybody’s putting 100 percent of their effort into continuing what we’ve always done. It’s not like we’re just gonna do a tour and then call it for a while and then do another tour and then call it for a while. We’re just continuing Blink-182 as we always have.

Ideally, when would you like to have the new record out?
Hopefully in 2009. That’s what we’re talking about and everything is moving so much faster than I ever even imagined that it could possibly happen. A couple months ago we were barely talking and now we’re six songs into a new album and planning a tour and things seem to be falling into place. So I don’t know when the record will actually be out. We’re still discovering. It’s been very comfortable to be back working as our band–as Blink-182. It’s gonna be a process, but it’s been a very positive process. We don’t feel pressured to have an album out by a certain date. We’re just gonna record on our own terms until we have album that we absolutely love.

Is there any goal from the first incarnation of Blink-182 that you really want to get to the second time around?
That’s a difficult question because everything we achieved with Blink-182 is a thousand times more than any of us thought was possible. We really always feel lucky to be able to do what we do on our own terms and that we’ve always been able to handle our band that way. We just want to continue writing great music and touring and playing fun shows and doing what we’re doing and have a great time as friends. That’s the highest goal that any of us have ever had for the band. alt

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