Last night at the APMAs, Slash received the inaugural Guitar Legend Award from Aerosmith's Joe Perry. The artists are currently on the road together with Slash opening Aerosmith's Let Rock Rule summer tour. Throwing it back to August 1988, our Legend once represented Guns 'N Roses on the cover of AP! (That's Vol. II, No. 10, for any disbelievers out there.)

Photo Credit: Graham Fielder

“To salute a guitar legend, well, you bring out another guitar legend,” wagered APMAs host Mark Hoppus. “Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer and the coolest cat in the building, say hello—from Aerosmith—Joe Perry!”

“How you doing tonight?” Perry casually queried the crowd after making his way to the microphone. Turning to the Contemporary Youth Orchestra and A Day To Remember who performed before he took the stage, Perry offered up his praise. “That was a great couple of songs, man. That rocked.”

“Just a few words about the man we're honoring tonight,” he said, turning his attention back to the massive crowd. “He came up in a generation after mine, but he always had great respect for the musicians that came on before him. To his own generation, he became a superstar, and deservedly so. Now, to all generations, he's become a model of great guitar playing and an icon of his own right.” Perry continued, “He has recorded some of the most memorable licks in history from Guns N' Roses, and his drive and love of rock guitar have earned my undying respect. I love the guy, man. He's a driven artist, and always will be. I am proud and honored to give you this award my dear friend and brother: Slash. Come on, man!”

In his famous leather getup, curly long hair, face-shielding sunglasses and black tophat, Slash took the stage with a mile-long smile. Perry wrapped his free arm around him in an embrace before handing over the skully award in his clutches.

“Joe, I want to thank you very much. That was very, very cool. Alternative Press, I want to thank you so much,” said the ever-humble Slash. “It's quite an honor to be included on your list of awards tonight and especially for something like Guitar Legend, which is very humbling and I don't even know exactly what to say. I guess one of the things is that I've loved playing guitar since I was fourteen years old and it's nice to get recognized for it. And it officially means I've been doing this for a long fucking time. [Laughs].”

“Thank you so much, this is really fucking awesome,” he concluded, holding his skully up to the crowd like a true trophy.

Bonus APMAs fact: Joe Perry was one of our last-minute confirmed guests. Our staff was floored to have not one, but two legends onstage for this category!

Great honor to present @Slash with his Guitar Legend Award from the 1st APMAS at @rock_hall . You got what it takes man…

— Joe Perry (@JoePerry) July 22, 2014

Receiving the Gtr Legend award from APMA was quite the honor. Receiving it from friend & mentor @JoePerry put it over the top. iiii]; )'

— Slash (@Slash) July 22, 2014

Jamming Rolling Stone's Star Star with @JoanJett was pretty damn awesome too. She & the Blackhearts kick ass. iiii]; )'

— Slash (@Slash) July 22, 2014

Really pumped I got to catch Twenty One Pilots play finally, meet Mark Hoppus, meet Slash and see a ton of old friends. Thank you @AltPress

— Levi Benton (@levibenton) July 22, 2014

@Slash & @JoanJett rocking last night at the #APMAS! @AltPress

— Slash Mob (@Slash_Mob) July 22, 2014

Yesterday @AltPress awards ruled! Great having @Slash @LauraJaneGrace & Billy Crocked on stage with us. And great news on my stolen stuff!

— Acey Slade (@AceySlade1) July 22, 2014