vinyl record store shop
[Photo via Pexels]

Let’s be honest. Record shops have always been cool. It just took time for us all to realize that the ‘60s and ‘70s had it right. Vinyl is the best way to listen, and our favorite modern artists and comedians are releasing their work in this awesome and retro way.

Everyone feels like a kid in a candy store when visiting a good record store full of color, decades’ worth of music and maybe even a coffee shop, too. Here are 10 thoughts that cross our mind when we’re browsing through a record shop.

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1. “Where do I even start? There’s TOO MUCH STUFF!”

2. “I’m in heaven! I love the smell of records!”

3. “The owner’s cat is here? This is the best day of my life!”

4. “LOL, this store sells tapes, too?”

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5. “I totally forgot about this band! I used to love them with my whole heart. I’m getting it.”