“Bedroom Warfare” — One Ok Rock

Plaid and skinny jeans go together like music and moshing. This classic outfit can't get much simpler, we bet you already own the pieces.

Shirt: $34.50 

Jeans: $44.90

Shoes $50 

“Wasteland” — Against The Current

Black on black on black on black = major heart eyes for this outfit. You can buy two belts and rock the same look or use just one. Each piece is simple but put them together and you have one awesome outfit. 

Sheer hoodie: $62 

Dress: $20 

Boots: $49.50 

Belt: $6.99

“Missing You” — All Time Low

Alex's layered look is great because you don't need to wear it all together—especially if you live somewhere warm. Each piece is cool on its own and can be worn a bunch of different ways. And even girls can have their own spin on the look, too.


Jacket: $39.90 

Plaid shirt: $24.99 

Hoodie: $29.99 

Jeans: $26 

Boots: $65 

Gloves: $8

Which one is your favorite? Let us know below and tweet us a pic @altpress of your own creation. If there are any other outfits you want to see, comment below.