Will the pop-punk shenanigans never end?

Last summer, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz went on Radio1’s Breakfast Show, hosted by Nick Grimshaw.

They played the popular game “Call Or Delete,” which is essentially a ruse to let famous people prank call each other. (We’re here for it.)

Grimshaw and Wentz hatched the plan to call Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds Of Summer and tell him that Wentz may have said some…off-color things about the Aussies pop-rockers.

As if that wasn’t enough messing around for the day, later Wentz and Grimshaw called Youtube star Dan Howell to rage about deleting this (fantastic) gif from the internet.

Turns out, Wentz has a gift…and it’s prank calls.

Skip to 3.15 for the Michael debacle and 7.25 for Dan Howell losing his mind.