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Rock music hasn’t always been kind to women, but from trailblazers such as Joan Jett and Janis Joplin all the way to today’s iconic alt stars such as Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne, ladies prove time and time again that they belong in the genre.

With so many new great bands popping up, it’s hard to pick just a handful that you have to listen to immediately. These 10 all-female rock bands are on the rise, and you need to hear them before they blow up and dominate the music world.

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TRAMP STAMPS are a brand-new electro-pop-punk trio who truly capture the early neon pop-punk days of Hey Monday mixed with the honest, sensual lyrics of Ashnikko. In their debut single “Sex With Me,” these ladies are calling out the hypocrisy of hookup culture and giving the dude in the song a middle finger. The project is fronted by Marisa Maino, who also has solo music on Spotify that’s soulful, electrifying and raw as hell. Though “Sex With Me” and “1-800-miss-ur-guts” are the only tracks available from TRAMP STAMPS, we can’t wait to see what’s next. For now, we’ll just have to keep playing these on repeat.

Nova Twins

Nova Twins cannot be hyped up enough, and we may or may not believe that they should rule the whole world. English duo Amy Love and Georgia South create the type of fuzzy, sludge-y rock that you can feel in your chest and can’t help but let loose when you hear it. Their heavy basslines and booming electro-metal/hip-hop choruses are energetic and exactly the type of sounds that are revolutionizing what it means to be alternative in 2021. The two signed to 333 WRECKORDS in 2019, releasing their debut album, Who Are The Girls?, the following year. Undoubtedly, South and Love are creating genuine and raw music, and we can’t wait for more.


BONES UK are also an iconic London-based duo composed of lead vocalist Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg. The Sumerian Records signees craft catchy, dark music with unique backing tracks, melodic guitar lines and sultry vocals. Vandenberg and Bones essentially have songs that make you want to wear stilettos and walk all over the people who have wronged you. They made their late-night TV debut this past year on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and you can check out “Pretty Waste” live from NYC here.

Good Boy Daisy

Identical twin sister duo Good Boy Daisy are made up of Hallie and Dylinn Mayes, both of whom were deeply influenced by their dad’s ’90s grunge music. The two combined their nostalgia for rock with upbeat pop in their single “Grey.” In fact, they teamed up with the Wrecks to create an addictive sound in “Never Learn,” which will instantly transport you to carefree times at summer rock festivals.

Meet Me @ The Altar

This past year was a major one for future pop-punk royalty Meet Me @ The Altar. Edith Johnson, Téa Campbell and Ada Juarez all lived in different states but met online, sent each other demos and ultimately crafted nostalgic pop punk that led them to them getting signed to Fueled By Ramen. Last summer, they got discovered through their single “Garden” and made even the kids who thought being scene was just a phase break out their Sharpie-covered Chucks. Now living together in Florida, they’re writing more music and partnering with large brands such as Wendy’s. There’s much more to come for these up-and-coming icons, and you can read even more about these ladies in our digital cover story with them here.

The Aces

After growing up in Provo, Utah (the 801), these four rock stars realized that they craved more than the average suburban life where everyone was put into a box. Now on Red Bull Records, the indie-rock quartet have blown up, sharing hook-laden tracks such as “Stuck” from their debut EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest, all the way to “801” from their sophomore LP, Under My Influence. The Aces definitely know how to reach out to fans, even in a time when touring is impossible. For the release of their Under My Influence B-sides, they had a whole virtual sleepover where they shared new music, played games, made crafts, ate food and more.

Nasty Cherry

Girl power is exactly what Nasty Cherry radiate across their wide-ranging discography. They began their musical journey in 2019 with the release of their debut single, “Win,” which they co-wrote with Charli XCX. Since then, they’ve consistently released illustrious indie-pop tracks laced with ’80s synth sounds. Needless to say, songs such as their latest release “Lucky” are perfect for a bright and warm pick-me-up.


Plush just released their debut single “Hate” in 2021, and they’ve already made waves with classic and hard-rock fans. The all-female quartet are bringing their insane guitar solos, outrageously powerful vocals and overall high-energy instrumentals to the table. If you’re a fan of Halestorm, the Pretty Reckless and similar groups, you’ll adore Plush, undoubtedly. We’re so excited to see these ladies rejuvenate rock in its most heavy, pure form with their own unique flair.

Satin Puppets

Twin sisters Julia and Joanna Araujo, aka Satin Puppets, will appeal to the creepy, elegant goth side that we all have waiting to come out. Their light, breathy vocals are beautiful yet sinister—a sound that you simply can’t resist. Not only are they talented musicians, but the two also run their Little Ghouls art shop and have a massive following on social media. Their witchy aesthetic and sound will make you feel like it’s Halloween all year round.

The Rubies

Bright indie-pop quartet the Rubies also hail from Provo, Utah, and have their eyes set on proving to the world that a woman’s place is in the music industry. These four musicians may have just started in 2019 with their I’ve Been Thinking EP, but they already have the promise of taking over major stages and arenas with their dynamic instrumentals, sincere vocals and impeccable storytelling abilities. They’re the definition of underrated, and you’ll understand that when you listen to their discography. As soon as touring begins again, you’ll want to see this band immediately.