Leave It To Beaver
Riverdale has its fair share of dream sequences. However, this one is not one to be overlooked. In “Chapter Seven: In A Lonely Place” Jughead has a nightmare that throws the cast back into the 1950s. While this scene directly draws comparisons between Riverdale and the Archie Comics in terms of setting and costume, the scene also emulates a strong Leave It To Beaver vibe. Aguirre-Sacasa told Entertainment Weekly that Leave It To Beaver came to mind even before the 1950s Archie Comics. “When [writer Aaron Allen] turned in his draft of the script, he had added a dream sequence that was done in the 1950s, sort of Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, black-and-white television show mode,” he says. “A little bit after that we thought, ‘Oh, this could be a way to do the 1950s Archie if we do that in this dream sequence.’”

Blue Velvet
Paying homage to David Lynch through Twin Peaks references just wasn’t enough. And we don’t blame them. According to IndieWire, Lynch’s Blue Velvet was cited as one of Riverdale’s main inspirations in terms of vibe and environment. However, the severed ear in Blue Velvet also seems have a similar connotation to the Black Hood’s finger that he kindly sends to Betty in “Chapter 22: Silent Night, Deadly Night.”

Pulp Fiction
At the end of “Chapter 20: Tales From The Darkside” Josie and Chuck can be seen sharing the famous dance from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. This quiet inclusion makes Josie’s situation all the more creepy and sinister. Hats off to the Riverdale cinematographers for this awesome shot.

Jughead and the Ghoulies’ deal in “Chapter 19: Death Proof” gives us all major Grease vibes. We aren’t sure if it’s the gang’s uncanny resemblance to the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds or the street racing itself, but either way the Riverdale creators definitely had this 1970s musical in mind.

Revealed by Aguirre-Sacasa to be a direct tie to Riverdale’s latest fan freak-out, this exemplary photo shows a bloody Jason Todd being carried by Batman. “This is one of the most iconic images in modern comics,” Aguirre-Sacasa says. “And an inspiration for tomorrow’s episode of Riverdale.” With Todd being a very obvious parallel to Jughead, the Riverdale fandom has been left in a frenzy. Will Jughead make it out of Season 2 alive?