Northern California-based rock n' roll trio Black Map are putting out a new anthem that addresses the repercussions of conformity. The debuting track “No Color” is straight off of the band’s upcoming album In Droves, set to release March 10 via Entertainment One.

“‘No Color’ is about the cost of our conformity. It's about what happens sometimes when we distance ourselves from our real passions,” bassist and frontman Ben Flanagan explains. “We may even distance ourselves so far that we lose them permanently.”

Black Map are also set to play at the Chicago Open Air festival in July alongside Kiss, Megadeth and Korn.

Pre-order the album In Droves here.

Check out their new song and album info below!


​1. Transit I
2. Run Rabbit Run
3. Foxglove
4. Ruin
5. Heavy Waves
6. Dead Ringer
7. Octavia
8. Transit II
9. No Color
10. Indoor Kid
11. White Fence
12. Just My Luck
13. Cash For The Fears
14. Transit III
15. Coma Phase