When it comes to his band’s influences, A ROCKET TO THE MOON majordomo NICK SANTINO has no problem admitting he’s more than a little into female country music stars.

Shortly before embarking on this year’s AP Tour, A Rocket To The Moon were holed up in a studio, working on their debut full-length with uber-producer, Matt Squire. So which artists were the band listening to during the process?

“Honestly, me and our guitar player Justin [Richards] have been listening to the new Taylor Swift album, Fearless,” admits Santino. It’s kind of my favorite thing ever. [Laughs.] “So when we’re doing demos, we’re like, ‘Okay, we need to write some really catchy, poppy stuff that’s still kind of, like, acoustic-driven. So it’s almost going to be a mix of Taylor Swift singing–but as a dude, not a chick–and mix it with Third Eye Blind with a nice pop-rock kind of feel.”

If we use our imaginations, we can almost imagine a Taylor Swift/Stephan Jenkins collaboration, so maybe we can see where A Rocket To The Moon are going. But what will that sound like live? “I don’t know,” says Santino. “I haven’t seen [Swift] live–only on SNL.”

Maybe it’s just us, but Santino may want to arrange a meeting with Miss Swift. “Dude! I know,” he exclaims, sighing at the prospect. “That’s what I want to do so bad. I want her to sing on the album. I want to write a nice love song and have her sing part of it, and just complete my life.” Are we detecting a bit of a crush? “Maybe,” Santino says coyly. “Maybe just a little bit. [Laughs.] But I haven’t been able to find any of her contacts.” Surely someone out there can help Santino. Anyone? –Rachel Lux