10 reasons you need to join the Tinder for rock fans, Rockifi

Whatever your goal—friendship, love, research, promoting—Rockifi is here to help you reach it.

August 10, 2018
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6. Rockifi is specifically meant for metal, hardcore and alternative rock fans only.


The problem with other more generalized social apps is that finding someone who listens to the same music you do or someone who hangs out in the same subculture is a difficult endeavor. For metal and hardcore fans, music culture is everything. If the person you’re dating hates your music, chances are you won’t last very long. Because Rockifi has such a specific demographic, the odds you’ll find someone you can truly vibe with are much better.

7. It can help you develop your social skills.


For some of us, it can be hard to make friends. Maybe the reason you’re going to concerts alone (or avoiding concerts because you don’t want to go alone) is that you’re a little socially awkward. That’s OK! Rockifi is a great place to start, since it takes the pressure off going up to someone in person and trying to strike a conversation.

8. Networking, networking, networking.


If you’re in a band, manage bands or book or cover shows, Rockifi can be a great place to get your career networking on. Find people in your area who might like your band’s music and bring them out to a show! It’s a great way to make new, substantial connections rather than trying to buy fans on Facebook.

9. Rockifi is much more personal than Tinder or Twitter.


Swipe left, swipe right. Trend, follow, repeat. Apps and social media platforms such as Tinder or Twitter are successful for their own reasons, but they can be very impersonal. Rockifi is the complete opposite. It is a much more custom experience based on mutual interests instead of just a 15-mile radius or a popular hashtag.

10. Explore new states’ or countries’ music scenes with a friend by your side.


Rockifi is a game-changing tool to use if you’re a traveler. Taking a solo trip to London? Use Rockifi to find a show you want to go to and a person you’d want to go with. Touring with your band? Use the app to see what else is going on in the local music scene while you’re in Texas for a couple of days.

Written by Taylor Markarian