Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke may be known for a lot of things, but until recently, clothing designer wasn’t one of them. That’s about to change with Hood$ Up (no, it doesn’t mean what you think), and his high-end line. Yes, you read that right. Think straight-up avant-garde like Rick Owens’ DRKSHDW, Marjan Pejoski’s Kokon to Zai—the kind of stuff you’ll either love or hate. Despite the higher end fabrics, Radke will try and keep his prices at a happy medium so you, too, can rock the Japanese-meets-goth-meets-street-style look.

On a break from touring, Radke tells us about his influences and how Hood$ Up got its start.

How did Hood$ Up start?
My interest in fashion came at an early age. I wanted to dress cool and look cool. I never saw anyone wearing the actual clothes I wanted to wear. Clothing has always been a passion of mine, and now was a good time in both my and my band’s career to launch this line. I don’t have partners; it’s all me, with some help from management and my team as far as production. We launched about a month ago, and started pretty basic because the other stuff takes a minute, production-wise.

What other stuff?
I started with shirts with cool graphics that kids can wear, but I’m also working on a high-end line. It’ll launch within the year: drape-y stuff, longer shirts, drop-crotch shorts and pants. People in LA will definitely get it; no one even cares here. You see so many people doing such crazy things. It’ll be a little eccentric, a little crazy, but like our music, people will catch on.

What inspires you?
Really extra-long tees with big graphics on them, logo shirts meets high fashion, [the designers] Kokon To Zai and Rick Owens and Skingraft—no one really knows about them, but they’re really blowing up now. They’re absolutely fantastic. All their stuff is out of left field, like the stuff I wore on my last tour. Some people were like, “What the hell is he wearing?” and some people loved it. I never put anything out that I wouldn’t wear—well, except the leggings. [Radke’s referring to the new Hood$ Up girls leggings launching this spring. –ed.] I mean, I wear leggings, but man leggings. It was like the inspiration for my new album—hip-hop and metal—I wanted to do that with actual clothes.

Ronnie Radke - Hoods Up

What’s the best thing about having your own line?
Constantly creating and constantly being challenged to create. I can be driving down the street and see something like a sign or something random, and it could very well show up in a design. It’s exciting to see stuff made and kids wearing it.

In AP 307 you had some strong words for Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes and his company, Drop Dead Clothing. He’s come under fire for allegedly ripping off lyrics from Tyler, The Creator and Attila for Drop Dead’s designs. What do you have to say about that?
It’s so stupid and childish, but I don’t really respect people who straight-up steal, someone who just straight-up jacks you. I really don’t worry about it myself, but I wouldn’t put it past anyone. I’ve seen it done with my music—like, friends will text me going, “Did you hear this?” I mean, I’m inspired by those brands I told you about, but I won’t straight-up steal.

What are some of your favorite Hood$ Up designs?
I like the Mother Mary shirt and the leggings a lot. I want to create a full-body suit of all the same print, with tees, hoodies and leggings.

I also like the All-Seeing tee. Kids will argue forever about it, like, “Is it Illuminati? Is Ronnie a devil-worshipper?”

Ronnie Radke 2014 - Credit Jeremy SafferWell, is it? Are you?
No comment.

Any trends you wish would die a slow, painful death?
I don’t wanna say it because I might forget about it and do it! Tie-dye, I guess? I’ve got a broad perspective on any fashion. Fashion is in and out like crazy, and I try to keep myself as unbiased as possible.

Got any advice for kids who want to get into fashion?
There are a lot of clothes out there, and they’re all kinda looking the same. Try to think outside the box.

So what does the future hold for Hood$ Up?
We’ll have a tent at Warped Tour this summer, and I'll be signing there, too. And I’ll keep posting previews online. Right now, I’m gonna do my own designs, and if anyone wants to approach me [for collabs], I’ll think about it.

New spring designs will hit the Hood$ Up online store soon, but if you want to keep up on all the previews, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.