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Sometimes it’s eerie how relatable our favorite lyrics can be. Whether it’s for a broken heart or losing a friend, bands have words for every bit of miserable in our lives. Here are some of the saddest of the sad.

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Paramore — “Rose-Colored Boy

“You say, ‘We gotta look on the bright side’/
I say, ‘Well maybe if you wanna go blind’/
You say my eyes are getting too dark now/
But boy, you ain't ever seen my mind”

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All Time Low — “A Daydream Away

“I would drink a little too much/
You'd offer me a ride/
And I would offer you a T-shirt/
And you would stay another night”

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Panic! At The Disco — “Northern Downpour

“I know the world's a broken bone/
But melt your headaches, call it home”

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Knuckle Puck — “Pretense

“How dare you guilt me for not sticking around/
As if you ever did for me?/
I’ll leave you in the dark with a broken flashlight/
You left me with a choice and a pretense”

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Grayscale — “Forever Yours

“I miss the way you breathe/
The way you twitch in your sleep/
Your smile, your straight teeth/
And the scars along on your cheeks”

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Julien Baker — “Good News

“When I stay up and throw my voice about you/
Or less about you/
And more about how I ruin everything I think could be good news”

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Boston Manor — “Laika

“As lonely as Laika/
Up there all alone/
You miss the atmosphere/
The stars are now your home”

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