Fall Out Boy — “Fourth Of July

“I’m sorry every song’s about you/
The torture of small talk/
With someone you used to love”

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Brand New — “Guernica

“Is this the way a toy feels when its batteries run dry?/
I am the watch you always wear but you forget to wind”

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Moose Blood — “Kelly Kapowski

“You've grown your hair out long and I know you're happier than me/
I'm just writing songs about girls with short hair”

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My Chemical Romance — “I Don’t Love You

“When you go/
Would you have the guts to say/
I don't love you/
Like I loved you yesterday”

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LANY — “13

“Half my clothes are at your house and I don't want them back/
The smell of you is way too much, not gonna put my heart through that”

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Mayday Parade — “Sorry, Not Sorry

“Well if you were lost I'd bring you safe back home/
And wrestle with your demons, so you can be left alone”

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Blink-182 — “Adam’s Song

“Please tell mom this is not her fault”

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