When Toby reminisces about the past

Dunder Mifflin has been bought by the mysterious Sabre, and it is Toby’s job to inform his new bosses as to any issues that might have occurred in the past. Scranton’s most hated HR rep chooses to keep all his co-workers’ misgivings to himself, and we’re treated to a series of super emo flashbacks.

Emo soundtrack: “Good Times,” All Time Low

When Andy and Erin share their first kiss

Erin and Andy The Office GIF
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Andy Bernard might be weirdly loveable, but there’s no denying that in throwing away his relationship with Erin, he was a massive idiot. At least we have their adorable first kiss to remember, complete with a stunning garbage dump background…

Emo soundtrack: “That Pretty Dress,” Junior

When Holly found Michael on the rooftop

Finally, FINALLY, they got together. Michael might be a bit of a moron, but there’s no denying he’s got a heart of gold, and that heart has belonged to Holly from the moment they met. Shucks.

Emo soundtrack: “The Lovers,” Miss Vincent

When Michael proposed to Holly

He needed Pam’s help to make sure he didn’t cause harm to himself or anyone else in the process, and yet Michael’s proposal ends up being utterly adorable. And yes, there’s more rain (well, in this case, sprinklers) falling on a pair of Office lovebirds.

Emo soundtrack: “Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching,” Simple Plan

When the office said a post-Dundies goodbye to Michael

The Office sings to Michael GIF
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Everyone sing it! “You hit me with your car/You helped me get off drugs/I watch you when you sleep/I forgive you for kissing me.” The Dunder Mifflin gang certainly know how to pen a catchy tune…

Emo soundtrack: “9,986,000 Minutes,” The Office cast (It couldn’t really be anything else, could it?)

When Pam found the “Pam, Cece, New Baby/Everything Else” note

Further proof that Jim Halpert is probably the best husband ever.

Emo soundtrack: “There Is Only You,” The Xcerts

When Dwight declared his love for Angela (with a megaphone)


Who says romance is dead?

Emo soundtrack: “Louder Than Your Love,” Andy Black ft. Gerard Way

When Pam read the teapot note

The Office Jim GIF
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Emo soundtrack: “Open Your Eyes,” Snow Patrol

When Michael and Dwight were reunited

“Michael, I can’t believe you came.”

“That’s what she said.”

Comedy at its finest.

Emo soundtrack: “Brother,” Gerard Way

Pam’s final words

Pam The Office GIF
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Pam The Office GIF
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It’s actually… over. Now what do we do with ourselves!? Press play on season one, episode one of The Office, that’s what.

Emo soundtrack: The Office Theme,” The Scrantones

What moments would you add to the list?