Who’s Jeremy Griffith?

Jeremy S.H. Griffith is one of many people Saosin worked with on In Search Of Solid Ground. But he’s no stranger: The ex-college football player (he played nose guard at the University of Houston) is a long-time friend of the band who’s mixed b-sides and songs on their Come Close DVD. On Ground, he came out to Los Angeles for three weeks and acted as a de facto vocal producer.

“We’d work on melodies together. Cove [Reber] would give us all of his ideas, and any lyrical ideas he had, and we would all just brainstorm,” Griffith says. “Basically, it was as if I was producing the record and we had already gotten to vocals, and I was just walking them through the steps to improve it the best way I could.”

Griffith first met Saosin through his former band, Moments In Grace. The Florida rockers worked with producer Brian McTernan and released an album, Moonlight Survived, on Atlantic Records in 2004–and toured with Anthony Green-era Saosin. Griffith ended up staying in touch with guitarist Beau Burchell, and soon found he had a fan in a young Reber.

“I actually saw [MIG] play [when I was] in high school,” the Saosin vocalist says. “And then I joined Saosin and went and saw them again. I’m just a big fan of [Griffith’s] work and what he’s capable of doing in songs.”

Griffith currently plays in the electro-tinged space-pop group Savio, but his main focus is his Florida-based recording studio. (He recently moved from Atlanta, where he was sharing space with Underoath/Chariot producer Matt Goldman, to be closer to family.) In fact, he says that he’s “booked solid through November,” working with acts such as the “Flaming Lips-ish” SUNBEARS! and recent AP&R Hometown Heroes honoree She Came From Above. Annie Zaleski