For Earth Day, Portugal. The Man have teamed up with  the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute to create an “endangered song” on vinyl made from materials that will degrade with time. Limited to 400, this awareness-raising song mirrors the depleting population of the Sumatran Tiger of which there are fewer than 400 left in the wild.

As stated on the Endangered Song site: “We’ve asked 400 influencers to raise awareness and inspire change by digitizing the previously unreleased song and sharing it online using #EndangeredSong. The 400 lathe-cut polycarbonate records are the only copies in existence and will actually degrade over time as the record is played. The song will go extinct unless it’s digitally reproduced. The Sumatran tiger will go extinct unless we take action.”

AP are proud to be among the few who received a copy and are able to spread the word!

This may be the one time an artist implores you reproduce and repost their song. Portugal. The Man have even shared a video to help you rip the song, which you can check out below. Remember when reposting to share the mission of the song with the tag “#EndangeredSong.”



Stream a vinyl rip of “Sumatran Tiger” below and feel free to rip and share it. AP will make a download link available later today:



Learn more about the Sumatran Tiger and how you can help on the Endangered Song educational website.