[Photo by Kyle Hines]

Get ready for some serious shredding: Save Us From The Archon are premiering the video for their single “Lost in a Reverie.”

Watch the video below:

This is the follow-up to the instrumental metal band’s last album L’Eclisse, which already seems to be be taking on a heavier rock edge than the former. 

Guitarist Andrew Cresto says this song is representative of the album as a whole with feelings of both chaos and stillness. 

“'Lost in a Reverie' perfectly reflects the album's theme of violently repressed emotion, only to settle into a melancholic calm — much like life,” Cresto says.

Check out Save Us From The Archon on tour this fall:
save us from the archon tour dates poster

Melancholia can be preordered here and be sure to follow the band on their Facebook and Bandcamp.