Ayla Tesler-Mabe: There is one time we played a festival and unfortunately, we went a little over time, and we got cut off, and it was a little scary. We were not prepared for that, but now we’ve learned our lesson, and we will make sure we have songs that allow us to go undertime, so if unforeseen things come up, we can uh…yeah!

Finn Wolfhard: I think getting followed home [by two fans] was pretty scary. They were a middle-aged couple. I finally get to the door of my apartment, and they’re like, “Can I take a picture?” I’m like, “No, you followed me. Bye!” I left.

Jack Anderson: Every Halloween, I collect canned food for the food bank, so I have a big wagon behind me. At the end of the night, I’m going up the big hill to my house. It’s a very big trick-or-treat area, so I have 200 pounds of canned food in my wagon, and it slips out of my hands, and the wagon is drifting downhill, and there’s hundreds of kids in costume. So, I chase this thing and run after it, and I get dragged by the wagon on the pavement until I stop. I almost killed a bunch of kids on Halloween.

Malcolm Craig: I was skiing once and I did this mountain adventure thing, and they took me down some pretty steep things. I was over this big drop and I was like, “I do not want to do this, no,” and then I did it.


Marisa Dabice: I went white-water rafting with Wrecking Crew. It was like that summer thing where all the kids met up at the beach ,and then we did a trip when we went white-water rafting. I fell out of the tube, and I was held under water for a really long time. “Gotta go back to the light” I remember thinking, and I was like, 9. It really shook things up, and I’m like, “I don’t know if I wanna do things that put my body at risk from here on out.”

Bear: We had to drive from Denver, Colorado to Omaha, Nebraska. There was a hailstorm that hit us, and I didn’t know if we were going to make it. We just kept driving past the most wildest, overturned trucks. It was supposed to be a seven-to-eight-8 [hour] drive, and it ended up turning into a 10-11-hour drive just because we could only go like 40 miles an hour because of the amount of rain, wind, snow and hail. It was like, I was like sending text messages to people like, “I love you, just hope you know, it’s been a wild ride.” I didn’t say anything. I just sat in the back and was like, “I’m just gonna go to sleep and hopefully I’ll just die in my sleep.

Kaleen Reading: One time I was punched in the head, and I bled out of my ear. And I was really scared. That was when I was on tour with the Butthole Surfers in Europe. I was more in the crowd during the show, and I just got hit. I didn’t know. I was just not sure what was going on. And then I was chased by a dog. Same tour, not the same show.

Thanasi Paul: Bear mentioned that hailstorm. That’s definitely close to the top of my list as far as scary moments. Because Bear had to pull over and switch driving. Bear couldn’t do it anymore; he got too shook, which is understandable [because] it was scary as hell. I took over, and it was truly death defying. [I] could not see more than 4 feet in front of us. But we made it. When we parked at the motel and we got out of the van, I almost vomited from stress. All my other scary moments also involve driving, driving through a blizzard on I-90. The snow was like 3 feet deep on the highway, [so] we had to pull over. We stayed at some stranger’s house.


I lived in a house where a medium died, so things moved all the time, and it got so bad with my brother seeing stuff in the middle of the night and things slamming and doors shutting and my dog. Just crazy things were happening in the house. So we ended up moving same day because it got so gnarly and so scary. We lived there for six months. We moved in the same day that we ended up telling each other about it. I spoke up to my father and my brother and they were like, “Oh my God,” cause I was experiencing it without anyone else hearing my name in my house and all these crazy things. Nothing happening outside of the house. I ended up telling my dad, and he’s like, “Oh yeah, I hear and see things all the time, like, things singing to my little brother in the baby monitor.” Full on like The Conjuring. It sounded like frequencies, but it was like singing a lullaby to my little brother. So we moved out the same day. Growing up, I’m like, “OK, maybe it was this, maybe it was these different things,” but I just write it off and try not to talk about it. I’ve seen the lady who died in the house or a lady who walks up and down in the house.


Jen Razavi: One time I was driving in a van with another band. Driving through Northern California super late at night. It was just like a two-lane, tiny highway through dense, dense sequoia trees. There was nothing around for at least 50 miles behind us and at least another 100 in front of us. All of a sudden, in the middle of the road, a guy is standing—just out of nowhere, [and] it is raining—standing with his hood down on the side of the road, just there out of nowhere. He had to have come from deep in the forest. I don’t know what he was doing, but it scared the shit out of me. It was terrifying.

Poli Van Dam: Scariest thing that ever happened to me was [when] I thought I was being a great mom by googl[ing] free fun stuff to do with your kid. And they’re like, take your kid to the fire station. Tthey’ll show you around or whatever. There’s one right by our house, so we walked down there, and the guy was showing us around. [My son] Adler was in the firetruck. All of a sudden, he got a call, and the guy stiffened up, and he’s like, “I’m gonna have to…” I’m like, “Do you guys have to leave?” And he goes, “No this is a call where someone got dropped off here, at the fire station. And um, I’m gonna escort you guys out this way.” Gunshot victim. Face. I had my kid, [and] we saw it full on. It was so gnarly, and that was pretty scary.


I’ve seen a ghost! In short, I still kind of lived with an ex-girlfriend. I woke up at 2 a.m. to get a glass of water. Her mom comes down, says, “Hey, what’re you doing?” I said “I’m getting a glass of water.” I go back and say, “I feel bad I woke your mom up.” and she says “My mom’s not here right now.” And I saw this woman, and I talked to her, and I said, “I swear it was your mom.” I was like, “Yeah, she had a pink robe on,” and she started crying. She’s like, “That’s my grandma. She used to live here.” And like, it’s crazy. So I saw a ghost. I talked to it. It was pretty fun.


When I was playing in a band called Straylight Run, I flipped our van [and trailer] I was driving on an icy road. We flung around 180 degrees. We were in Pennsylvania about 100 yards from a deep ravine on the side of a mountain. We could have easily gone over. We hit some ice on a snow covered road, and we just start shimmying all over, fish tailing with a trailer that will flip your whole entire vehicle around. We landed on our side on the side of the road, and no one was really hurt. It was amazing, but in that moment, it was the most terrified I’ve ever been. It’s not paranormal. However, that van was fine. We were able to turn it over. We let it sit overnight. We stayed at a hotel, and somehow, I guess the fluids all redistributed themselves properly. And we were able to drive it home the very next day. However, the only thing broken [was the] CD player. And that CD got stuck in there. It wouldn’t play or anything [because] the power was shot. It might have been a fuse. But that CD is permanently in that van, wherever it may live.

Nick Woods, DIRECT HIT!

I went to school in Madison, Wisconsin, and they do this thing every year where they open up states for you, which is like the big college town street for everybody to come and hang out. I was all fucked up, and I was hanging down on State St. in college, and they sent mountain police with cans of tear gas to clear everybody out at the end of the night. And it’s literally like a Metallica concert in public, but there’s no Metallica. It’s like tens of thousands of people just hanging out on a public street. We were walking past circles of people just smashing stuff they looted from different stores and stuff like that, and the cops didn’t know what to do, so they sent cops on horseback with tear gas to be able to clear everybody out. As I was walking back, a friend of mine was going into his apartment, and I was trying to avoid all this gas, and he opened the door, and I ran in after him and ran straight into the elevator that was going up to his apartment, and they shot a can of tear gas into the elevator that we were standing in, and the door shut behind us. That’s the most frightened I’ve ever been. Sitting in an elevator filled with tear gas for two floors on the way up. You ever felt what tear gas feels like? I couldn’t see for like 36 hours. It was terrible. It was absolutely awful. That was on Halloween.