1. Your anthem on Tinder is probably something like “Flossie Dickey Bounce,” and then you wonder why nobody swipes right on you.

  1. You are drowning in overdue bills, but you decide to buy a Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge first pressing instead, because priorities.

  1. You think you were born in the wrong generation, but the generation you are thinking of is literally 2004.

  1. You’re absolutely the oldest person in your local Hot Topic every time you go…maybe except for the manager on duty.

  1. You can truly relate to every emo ballad ever created.

  1. You’re constantly trying to make emo fashion work in the Instagram age.

  1. Your AP subscription is in YOUR name, not your parents.

  1. You realize you could have been the scene queen of Myspace in 2004 with your 2018 makeup skills.