When it comes to scene fashion, some parents may reassure themselves “it’s just a phase,” while others are accepting of dyed locks, black band tees and all. Either way, chances are you stuck out like a sore thumb in the family photo-op—like these scene kids.

The Christmas card

awkward family photos
[Photo by: Awkward Family Photos]

Rocking a Wednesday Addams-esque look for the holiday card gives a whole new meaning to “and we’ll have Halloween on Christmas.”

The lighthouse vacation

This Slipknot fan was clearly stoked to be hanging out with family and looking at a lighthouse for the day.

The family portrait

Awkward Scene Kids Family Photos
[Photo by: fuckinredmaria/Tumblr]

Between mom and kid, it’s hard to tell who’s less amused to be taking a family portrait.

The tourists

The neglect to remove the earbuds while out with the family is an added bonus.

The professional photo

Either she didn’t get the memo of the matching tones or she truly didn’t care.

The Christmas morning

At least she tried to be a bit festive with a The Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie.

The park gathering

Like mother, like daughter.

The beach vacation

Because everyone has their own interpretation of appropriate beachwear.