When it comes to scene fashion, some parents may reassure themselves “it’s just a phase,” while others are accepting of dyed locks, black band tees and all. Either way, chances are you stuck out like a sore thumb in the family photo-op—like these scene kids.

The Christmas card

[Photo by: Awkward Family Photos]

Rocking a Wednesday Addams-esque look for the holiday card gives a whole new meaning to “and we’ll have Halloween on Christmas.”

The tourists

The neglect to remove the earbuds while out with the family is an added bonus.

The Christmas morning

At least she tried to be a bit festive with a The Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie.

The park gathering

Like mother, like daughter.

The big, happy family

The prime location of being front and center with a sullen expression makes this photo-op even better.

The father-daughter dance

[Photo by: Awkward Family Photos]

The all-black attire is perfect for blending into the shadows at an event you don’t want to attend to begin with.

The literal misfit

The awkward lean really sells this one.

The living meme

Because we all sort of channel Sweeney Todd at times.

The Easter egg hunt

For a holiday that commercially promotes the use of pastels, this may be the most anti-Easter outfit ever.

The throwback

The bangs in the eyes really sells the lack of wanting to be there and preference to be hanging out on vampirefreaks.com.

The matching outfits

Even with the attempt to blend in, the side-swept bangs are a dead giveaway.

The fancy dinner

At least she has the smize on lock though.