High school is a time for kids to find themselves and develop their own style. For a lot of us, that style was an over-the-top scene aesthetic that shone through in our yearbook pictures and senior quotes. From some wild hairstyles and outfits to some less than inspiring band quotes, here are some of the best scene yearbook photos we found.

The nohawk 


I had to do it #ikilledpunk

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This creative take on the traditional mohawk certainly makes for an interesting yearbook photo.

Black is the new black

We also think black is a cool color.


Real dedication is letting your favorite band pick your senior quote for you.

Purple mohawk


#ikilledpunk @thehardtimesnews @punkrockbowling #fbf #freshman

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From the purple mohawk and chain and lock necklace to the open mouth smile, this guy's yearbook picture is epic.

Dark, depressing, emo, sadistic

Well, that's a terrifying thought…