Fuzz rock band Youth Worship teamed up with AP to premiere their extremely strange music video for “Eternal Scene,” and it’s not for the queasy.

Scenes in the video feature paint splashes, pixelated band members and close-ups of a real-life heart surgery. Musically, “Eternal Scene” has singer James Hanna delivering deadpan lyrics over fuzzed-out, crescendoing guitars.

It’s pretty weird.

“Our concept for this video was to make something visually over the top and enjoy ourselves doing it,” says Hanna. “Green screen strobe-light footage over green paint dumped on James’ head? Sounds like a good idea. Overlay multiple band takes simultaneously? Why not.”

While the video for “Eternal Scene” doesn’t make much sense, its ridiculousness starts to get funny. “Essentially we just wanted to make something that was fun to look at, intense and not without a sense of humor,” says Hanna.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments!