5. This show’s eight protagonists (and their set of characters that make up their storyline) are capable of illustrating nearly every possible relationship between people

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There is a character who has a great relationship with her mother and father who are happily married, a character whose parents are both dead and is wanted dead by a sibling, a character who lives with a lover of the same gender and a third roommate who successfully denies the aforementioned relationship to the public, and the relationship in which your coworker happens to be your best friend—and everything in-between. Simply put, the characters are extremely relatable, whether it comes to personality, cultural background, relationship status or the way they react to their surroundings.

6. Each of the 23 episodes (in the first two seasons) contains at least eight separate story lines

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If the scenes of an episode were sequenced differently, each one would literally be a miniseries of different plots, in a similar fashion as the 2005 American neo-noir crime anthology film Sin City (written, produced and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez). How clever is this of the writers to consistently be considerate of time zones and logic while planning these screenplays?

7. Scene transitions and cinematography as smooth as butter

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The precision required for some of these perfectly-executed scene transition mindfucks is remarkable. It took a lot of technical expertise to properly maneuver the actors and actresses so that a mind-blowing effect is achieved onscreen. It was not necessarily always stunts and explosions, but just clever ways of using the camera. There are many scenes that take place in multiple locations. Every time two characters visit one another, the scene is shot in both of their actual locations, so you can assume the hectic madness that takes place when multiple characters are involved.

8. This show recently made history… literally

One June 1, 2017, shortly after the release of the second season, Netflix announced that the series had been cancelled, despite preliminary negotiations with the cast for a third season. The lengthy timespan of filming in over two dozen cities requires a huge budget, and the Netflix viewership did not meet expectations. However, less than a month later, on June 29, Netflix announced that due to an unreal amount of support from fans of the show, they had given in.  It’s not necessarily a full season, but rather a two-hour finale special (which is currently being filmed and we can expect in 2018), similar to the two-hour holiday episode we got last December as a teaser for Season 2. This simply proves that with love and perseverance, anything is possible.

The cliffhanger ending of the second season will get the closure it deserves, and it would not have been possible without the remarkable enthusiasm, passion, determination and love for this show from all over the planet. The ones responsible for the show have heard the fans and seen what they are capable of, understanding the impact that this show has created on them and on the world. We are not alone, and being a part of the fandom makes you feel like a sensate yourself at times.

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Albeit, this show is a very time-appropriate and optimistic means of entertainment alongside the current events of the world. It opens up our eyes to so many different cultures throughout our planet and teaches us that everyone is beautiful in their own way—that we can all indulge in this beauty together. And that lesson is much more meaningful than a trophy.

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