Sometimes when you're on the outside of a situation, it's easier to see it more clearly. That was very much the case for Set It Off vocalist Cody Carson who wrote “N.M.E.” from their upcoming album Duality about pulling a friend out of a debilitating relationship. 

“This girl was stealing my friend from me and I had to reach out to him and let him know he had a way out, he just had to take it,” Carson said. “I think we've all been there. Now we all have an anthem for it.”


Part of what makes a true “anthem,” as Carson describes “N.M.E.,” is not only the ability to relate, but the hook and how easy it is to sing along to it. With the help of producer Neal Avron, Carson was able to pin down the perfect melody for this song. And if you tell us you don't hear the “La/La-La/La La-La La La”s from this song for days after listening, we're going to call you a liar.

“When this song was being written, we were in the studio with Neal Avron (Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory). He produced two of my favorite records of all time [From Under The Cork Tree and Sticks and Stonesˆ] and was so full of knowledge,” Carson told us.

“He really upped my game in melody writing. So I would try over and over again on each one until I found the one that really stuck out to me. In this song I had a lot of anger to get out.”

Stream “N.M.E.” below and let us know what you think:

Set It Off Duality album coverSet It Off's Duality, one of our Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014, is out October 14 via Equal Vision Records. You can pre-order the album now via iTunes