Sierra Kay and hardcore dudes are Neaux—exclusive premiere

September 9, 2016
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Neaux is the story of an unlikely pairing exploring new sounds, specifically the duo of singer Sierra Kay (VersaEmerge, VERSA) and guitarist/songwriter Nick Fit (Loss Leader, Trash Talk). They're joined by bassist Ryan Briggs (Have Heart, Raindance) and drummer Chris Peters for their eight-song debut, Fell Off The Deep End, an immersive body where bits of alt, shoegaze and grungy punk are made pretty.

We're exclusively premiering the release below, which can be found at boutique label Iron Pier Records.

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“We all come from very different musical paths. Briggs and I come from the world of hardcore and punk, which is rooted in a raw and often dirty presentation, Sierra from a more cleanly produced version of pop-rock. It may seem like a weird combination but it feels normal and totally organic. Once you discover someone has a similar outlook, it's easy to create with them.

Writing these songs was easy, fun and natural. I listen to all types of music, everything, and that's what comes out in the songs. When Sierra recorded vocals, the songs took on another life. Afterwards, we both felt like we had something that was uniquely usWe've all been in bands and have toured a lot, so it's cool to get this gang together because all that matters to us is playing live, writing, and recording music that makes us feel good and having a damn good time while we're doing it. You can expect to see us on both coasts soon,” offered Fit.

Written by Brian Kraus