It takes a lifetime of dedication and practice to become a full-time frontman. After all, our favorite vocalists of the scene had to start somewhere, right?

We're celebrating some of your favorite vocalists by digging these super-old performances, from childhood to high school, out of the vault. 

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1. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

There is, much to our delight, quite a treasure trove of kid-Armstrong videos on YouTube. Here's one of our favorites, where he performs at a school Christmas show as a kid.

2. Parker Cannon (The Story So Far)

The Story So Far's frontman was in a different band in high school called Blind Impression. Fun fact: Blind Impression actually has a song in an EA Skate game! Hear that story right here

3. Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots)

Tyler Joseph has been grinding it out for his musical career since he was in high school. Check out this performance of the National Anthem at his senior night. His companion in the video, Nick Thomas, is actually a former member of the band!

4. All Time Low

This one's a treat because we get to see the full band! This was the first time “The Party Scene” was ever performed live, back in April of 2005, just a few months before debut album The Party Scene was released.

5. Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides, Andy Black)

When Andy hosted the 2017 APMAs, he opened up the show by sharing this truly hilarious video of him performing for his grandparents as a kid. They probably knew then that he'd grow up to be a superstar. 

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