Back when Skrillex was known as Sonny Moore, fronted From First To Last and was emo for realz, we knew he was destined for greatness. So it’s no surprise that his dubstep outfit Skrillex has some of the sickest merch on the market.

From emojis to hipster camo (no, really), Skrillex’s merch is more of a fashion line than something you’d see for sale at a concert. Here are eight merch items you'll definitely be dropping dollars (not bass) on once you see them:


‘Haircut’ T-Shirt


‘Camo’ Shorts


‘Sad Cat Emoji’ T-Shirt 


‘Kickflip’ T-Shirt 


‘Space’ Crop Top


‘Ill’ Leggings


Limited Edition ‘Skrillex X UE’ Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 


‘Emoji’ Dad Hat