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Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn has one of the most recognizable voices in the scene, which is just one of the reasons he’s nominated for Best Vocalist at the 2016 APMAs. We sat down with Quinn, who told us more about realizing he was a singer and how he decided to pursue being in a band.

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When did you know your voice was unusual?
I remember being four years old and knowing all the words to the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo.” There are videos on VHS of me standing on top of the play structure at the playground, and a bunch of kids all looking up at me going, “Why the hell is this kid belting out the words ‘Kokomo?’” I always knew I wanted to perform. That came naturally. But I’m not, like, thinking, “Man, I’ve got a gift,” like the sword in the stone or something, pulling out some golden sword. [Laughs.] For me, it’s just that something works in what we do. The songs keep coming, and the fans keep coming to shows. That’s a blessing. And as long as that keeps happening, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

Some people find out they can sing once they join a band; some people join a band because it’s well-known they’re good singers. Which was it for you?
I knew that I wanted to sing, so that’s number one. And I also knew I wanted to be in a band. I never saw myself as being the pop guy, on my own. The guys in my band, I love with all my heart—they’re my best friends. But I’m very self-critical. You ask a lot of famous singers what they think of their voice, and I guarantee you a lot of them are gonna say, “I can’t listen to myself sing. And if I listen to myself sing, I’m not gonna say, ‘Man, I’ve got a fuckin’ awesome voice.’”

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