Last week, we announced that I See Stars are among our cover artists for AP 301, our Warped Tour 2013 issue. Today, we're happy to debut their new song, “Violent Bounce (People Like ¥øµ)” from their upcoming album, New Demons.

“This track is about being in the presence of people who don't understand common courtesy. They've completely lost the ability to treat people like human beings,” says drummer Andrew Oliver. 

“We all have differences that set us apart from one another, but I take pride in my open mindedness and my unconditional honor towards lifestyles I don't necessarily understand. I appreciate the truly remarkable, mature, considerate, connected, gentle people I've met in my journey. You just have to learn from every experience you endure, good or bad. I'd like to say I am happy all the time, but there's lot to learn by getting through the dark side of the spectrum.”

New Demons is out August 13 via Sumerian Records, and according to Oliver, the band have “opened ourselves up on this album in a totally new way. Some of these songs between my brother Devin, Zach and myself completely illustrate the events of these last years.”