Landscapes are set to re-release their debut album Life Gone Wrong on September 3 via Pure Noise Records with two bonus live tracks. Today, we bring you the final track on the reissue, the live version of “Epilogy.”

Vocalist Shaun Milton filled us in on the backstory of the song, which he says is integral to the album:

“'Epilogy' is a song central to Life Gone Wrong for me because of it's content and subject matter. It was during a time in my life where I made some bad decisions which I was ashamed to talk about for a long time because of the way my friends at the time coined it as 'pathetic'. It was only after moving myself away from those people that I realised how careless people can be to those suffering from depression.

I often advise that if you have a friend who is reaching out to you because they are having a tough time at work, going through a hard time at home, with family loss of family or even loss of love, to just offer them your time. Their time is just as precious as yours is and probably even more fragile.

'Epilogy' is a word I made up to summarise my feelings towards old friends, it means the last sorry I'll ever fucking make.” 


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