Night Verses, who are AP&R alumni featuring vocalist Doug Robinson, whom you might know from The Sleeping, are set to release their new album Lift Your Existence tomorrow, June 25,  via Easy Killer Records. 

Drummer Aric Improta tells AP this song was the hardest to finish because of the different approach they took when writing it. 

“Usually, our songs start with a focal riff or rhythm, as well as a series of possible ideas to expand on. This sets a pretty distinct atmosphere right away, and gives us somewhat of a clear direction to work within,” says Improta. “'Rage,' however, was completely built around Doug's verse melody, and our only goal was to develop an entire piece that would parallel the energy of his delivery.” 

What resulted at the exhausting end was a track that suprised the band. You can listen for yourself via the stream below, and let us know what you think!