Leading up to International Women's Day on March 8, human rights activist band Outernational are releasing a free song from their Here Is The Rose EP every Thursday to spread a needed message. “The cold truth is that there is nowhere on planet Earth where it is safe to be female,” says singer Miles Solay.  “From Delhi, India to Steubenville, Ohio and everywhere in between, one cannot talk about freedom while half of humanity is enslaved.  One cannot be about breaking all the chains but one.”

“We are releasing the Here is The Rose EP right now, in time for International Women's Day, because right now millions of people, and millions of women in particular are speaking and acting out against their daily oppression – patriarchy, rape culture, sexual objectification and dehumanization.  We made these songs to support that expression, and to challenge everyone, even these women, to look to the real possibility of a different future, a revolutionary new society where patriarchy is understood and ended.  Right now there is just as much responsibility for men to be speaking out against sexual violence and exploitation, patriarchy and the mind/body fuck that's being dealt to women everywhere.  Men have responsibility to understand how they reproduce patriarchy.  We hope to be examples to other men and to other artists.”

AltPress has the exclusive premiere of the EP's second single, “We Own The Night,” which was produced by Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello, below.




Head to Outernational's SoundCloud page to download the EP tracks released thus far for free. Here Is The Rose is set for release March 8, International Women's Day. The band also plan to release their full-length album, Welcome To The Revolution, this summer.