For their new album, The Collective & The Individual, The Elephant In The Room brought Casey Crescenzo (The Dear HunterThe Receiving End Of Sirens) on board as producer–or rather, he believed in the band so much that he approached them.

“The first time I heard The Elephant In The Room was at a show we both played a little over a year ago. I loved the songwriting as well as the melody and harmony, and approached Alfred [Vitale, vocals/guitar] about potentially working together on a record,” says Crescenzo. “With an open and honest approach, the result is a full and focused album and six months of work completed in only a few weeks. I know this was only possible as a result of the immediate personal comfort we all felt from day one.”

Today, we unveil “Ghost” from the album, a “love song of sorts,” as Vitale explains it. “It's a borderline morbid take on love and what happens after a loved one passes. This is a way to show my lasting love in my creepy life-after-death way.”

Listen below and tell us what you think: 


The Collective & The Individual is out October 29