When we spoke to The Swellers in the studio about their upcoming album, they described their then work-in-progress as “a pop-punk record for grownups.” The band since signed a deal with No Sleep Records and locked in an October 29 release date.

With now only a month until The Light Under Closed Doors is out, we've teamed up with the band to reveal the second track, “Big Hearts.”

“This song is for anyone who's been told they're not good enough–or worse yet–those who have been ignored completely,” says guitarist/vocalist Nick Diener. “'Big Hearts' is the singalong on this record. It was written with the same feeling as 'The Best I Ever Had,' but it's more of an anthem and not so much a specific story. We're one of those bands that are lucky enough to have our fans grow with us. If you know, you know. You could call it our comeback song, but don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years. And that riff, tho!”


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