9. My Chemical Romance “Helena”

Immortalized as one of the greatest emo tracks of all time, most die-hard MCR fans will know this song as a tribute to Gerard and Mikey Way’s late maternal grandmother, Elena Lee Rush. Rush served as a major creative influence for the two brothers, teaching Gerard to sing and paint from a young age. Gerard has since used her teachings in many areas, notably in the development of his comic, The Umbrella Academy.

10. The Offspring “Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?”

In many cases, musicians may utilize their songwriting abilities to write heartfelt letters to those they know from their past or present. That was certainly the case for Offspring frontman Dexter Holland, who wrote this song as a reparation toward a former classmate of his. The song serves to bring awareness and give a voice to victims of sexual violence.

11. The Spill Canvas “The Tide”

There has been much discussion about the motif of this early Spill Canvas single, which details the events surrounding three children named Veronica, Vada and Dade. Many have come to the consensus that the song centers around the effects of divorce, citing the lyric “bedridden by her ex-lover, their father,” although there’s still some debate. The track was rereleased as a full-band version this year.

12. The Summer Set “Chelsea”

Back in 2009, the Summer Set broke into the scene with their catchy, vibrant sound and image, steered by the release of their debut single, “Chelsea.” The “Chelsea” in question was revealed to be none other than actress Chelsea Kane, who formerly dated the band’s lead vocalist, Brian Logan Dales. You may recognize her from her roles in the Disney Channel show Jonas or the Freeform sitcom Baby Daddy.

13. twenty one pilots “Nico And The Niners”

Like all other songs on the album, “Nico And The Niners” is just one chapter of TOP’s Trench. In this particular installment, the duo tell the dark story of a fictional character named Clancy who lives in the horrible, walled city of Dema, ruled by nine evil bishops led by Nico. Clancy then seeks the help of a rebel group called the Banditos to escape the city.

14. We The Kings “Check Yes Juliet”

In 2007, people everywhere witnessed the rise of We The Kings as we all swooned to the romantic croons of “Check Yes Juliet.” Years later, we’re looking to see which Shakespeare play the band will tackle next: Hamlet? Macbeth? The possibilities are endless.

15. Yellowcard “Rough Landing, Holly”

Fame can be tough, but Yellowcard took that notion to a new level through the genesis of Holly Wood, who would serve as the fictional raconteur for their 2006 album, Lights And Sounds. Holly was the embodiment of the band’s disdain for living in Los Angeles, with vocalist William Ryan Key going on to describe her as “a character where sometimes you love her, and sometimes you hate her.”