Sugarcult – “Stuck In America”


Moving swiftly on to the idea of breaking away from home, nothing becomes more of an anthem for wanderlust like “Stuck In America.” Perfectly summarizing the teenage angst that being stuck at home fires up, the song is urgent, relatable and and a bona fide  pop-punk staple.

The Dangerous Summer – “Catholic Girls”


With every growing-up story, there are always good and bad times. The Dangerous Summer bring them all together to form a heartfelt tribute to where they came from, and it’s impossible to not be flung straight back into your own past.

A Day To Remember – “City Of Ocala”


A Day To Remember encapsulate that pride of where we came from, who we were and where we are now. Even if you’re still in the formative stages of living at home and wanting out, someday you’ll look back in the same way Jeremy McKinnon does.  

Real Friends – “…And We’re Just Changing”


Presenting itself immediately as emotionally bare, Real Friends spotlight the raw emotion that can come from various stages of growing up. From first seeing your parents cry or realizing that your home is no longer where you belong, it doesn’t stay dwelling for too long. That classic Real Friends power kicks into life, giving the emotion some fight.

Transit – “Young New England”


The moment those group vocals start, it instantly transports to Transit’s hometown. The camaraderie sweeps you away as the feeling that you’ll never be alone for long whenever you return to your hometown—well, in this case, Boston, takes over. We all belong somewhere, and nothing celebrates that more than “Young New England.”