The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – “Mental Health”

From a band who have always expressly championed the idea of mental health and being OK with it, this is perhaps one of their more on-the-nose numbers. It’s about the moment when you realize that maybe you aren’t OK, and you do need help.

Box Car Racer – “I Feel So”

Just listen to the way the song evolves from that sullen piano intro to a frenzied, collapsing chaos of instruments. The sadly, short-lived Box Car Racer took what blink-182 did for teens everywhere in helping them understand growing up and channeled it into more serious motifs that tackled the darker side of it all.

Modern Baseball – “Fine, Great”

When you’re in a place that is truly your own, it generally involves being in a terrible place yet still worrying about everyone else around you. Succinctly summarizing every feeling with the line “I hate worrying about the future/‘Cause all my fucking problems are based around the past,” it’s almost impossible to not relate.

Joyce Manor – “This Song Is A Mess But So Am I”

Considering the song’s title, it’s actually a pretty drive track that doesn’t feel cluttered like the ideas it deals with. Barry Johnson’s chorus hones in on the feeling you have when you just want to sleep away the hours until you reach brighter pastures, and while it may feel heavy, the melody keeps things feeling far more upbeat.

Linkin Park – “Heavy”

It’s impossible to not include a Linkin Park song. Throughout their career, Chester Bennington gave a voice to those who felt lost or abandoned in any format, but this being one of the last songs they released as a six-piece holds even more weight now. It’s a succinct track that holds pop music in its soul and its heart on its sleeve.