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Halloween is almost here and we all love it—but people are really here for it, taking the horror-inspired look to another level with over-the-top costumes and awesome makeup. Like, so awesome that their faces made them look like they came straight out of a horror movie.

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Here are some horror-inspired special effects makeup looks that will most definitely give you nightmares. Enjoy! [Evil laughter.]

But… how?

We’re not sure how it looks so real, but we’re here for it.

We. Can’t. Stop. Screaming.

She’s headless!!!

This looks painful…

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…and also pretty amazing.

Here’s one that would make American Horror Story creators proud

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Besides, who wouldn’t be terrified of bees crawling out of their skin?

Oh, you think bees are not enough?

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No worries, here are some ants and spiders. Enjoy! 

How we all look wearing makeup when it’s hot out

Except, well, our eyes don’t melt with it… hopefully.

10/10 would run

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That looks like something straight out of my nightmares, except way cooler.