12. You literally are sweating bullets freaking out when the opener ends, and there’s that weird waiting period.

The stage is changing, and there’s waiting music playing over the speakers. You contemplate if you have enough time to go to the restroom before the band come out. You try to guess how long it will take for them to start and how they will begin the show.

13. It’s 60 seconds before they come out, you can tell, and you actually think you might explode

This is when things start to change. The music stops, the lights dim and you know it’s about to happen. You wonder what song they’ll come out with, but you really don’t care because you can’t believe this is happening.

14. Your favorite band come out, and you let out a yell like never before.

Like a full-on scream. There they are right in front of you. The moment is finally here, and you can die happy.

15. You listen to the amazing show, sing every word to every song and never want it to end.

All that studying really paid off. You literally don’t focus your attention on anything else but the band in front of you. This is your happy place.

16. Your favorite band leave the stage and you’re crushed.

How could it be over? It seemed like time was moving so slow before the show, and then, in a flash, it was all over. You feel like it shouldn’t have ended that way, and you don’t know what to do.

17. But wait, there’s an ENCORE.

And you realize this is why they’re your favorite band in the first place. They place an amazing encore that fulfills your wildest dreams. Now, it feels OK for the evening to be ending.

18. The encore ends, and you are floating on a cloud.

You just saw your favorite band in concert. It feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

19. Until it all comes crashing down and post-concert depression sets in.

Because it should have never ended. You contemplate if you can quit all responsibilities and just follow them on tour.

20. You post all over the internet about how life changing the show was.

Memories may fade, but Instagram videos last a lifetime.

21. You anxiously wait until the next time you get to see your favorite band live because you have to experience that again.

Because there’s no way you’re only going to their show once.