Moose Blood is the band you’ve always wanted to be in. The four-piece from Canterbury, England, is making emo music cool again through inventive lyrics and dreamy accents. It’s shaping up to be a big year for the band with their recent signing to Hopeless Records and a nod at the APMAs, which is why we are introducing them to you now!

So which Moose Blood songs  should you listen to? All of them. But I guess you can start here for now. Here are five crucial songs to get to know these APMAs Best Underground Band nominees.

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An old jam re-released on their full-length, this song will hit you like a sucker punch. The track takes its name from the writer Charles Bukowski and the well-cultured references don’t stop there. Hemingway, James Dean and Morrissey are all mentioned in the opening verse! The driving instrumentation sounds familiar; reminiscent of early pop-punk jams but just different enough to remind you that it’s 2016.

Key lyric: “I’ll introduce you to Clarity/teach you the words to “The Sound of Settling”/make you watch High Fidelity/on a Sunday, maybe one day…”


“Stay here”

Listening to this band, you quickly learn that they love the  hopeless romantic cliché. Vocalist Eddy Brewerton’s always singing about a girl he wants to impress, but somehow he finds clever ways to change up the story. This track is old-time Moose Blood, coming from their first No Sleep release, a 2013 split with Departures.

Key lyric: “I never thought I’d say forever/Again, I thought I knew better/But the way you hold my hand/And don’t know anything about records.”



The slowest song they’ve released to date, “Cherry” shows a different side of the band. A soft, remorseful track, the album version features a tiny electric guitar jig accompanying a story of a conflicted young man wrestling with his love of being a father while yearning for all the chances he missed.

Key lyric: “She’s not mine and she never will be/I’m reminded every day/She’s not mine and it fucking kills me/She won’t look at me that way”


“Carbis Bay”

This track is from their 2013 six-song EP Moving Home, released by Fist In The Air, and is by far one of the most addictive in their catalogue. It features strong backing vocals and an awesome instrumental chorus—plus, of course, Dashboard Confessional and American Football references. It all builds to a cathartic end, reminding listeners that shit takes time to work out.

Key lyric: “I guess we’re not okay from all that time apart/when my father died, I just don’t know where to start/How to start to feel ok…”



Heads up—your friends are about to hate you for playing this song on repeat the next week or two. One of the first tracks the band ever released, how can you not fall for those lyrics and that accent?!

Key Lyric: “Bored with nothing to do/but lay around listening to Deja Entendu/thinking about you..”

Are you hooked? Now I have to break it to ya that it doesn’t look like they’ve got any North American gigs coming up in the near future. (What, you didn’t catch them on Warped Tour last summer?) Show Moose Blood some love and they might just hop across the pond!